Style Integration and Innovation ı ıı

Style Integration and Innovation ı ıı

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Style Integration and Innovation ı ıı

İki kitaptan oluşan set 664 sayfada  60 mimari stilden örnekler sunmaktadır.

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The book selects more than 60 domestic top projects, mostly masterpieces from Vanke, Poly, China Overseas, Greenland, etc and some of the projects are winners of the 7th Kinpan Award. Starting from style integration and innovation, the book shows how buildings, while adopting the oriental, Western, traditional and modern style, meanwhile innovate for further development, to thus discuss how to integrate different styles and organically combine with the local culture, and to provide professional readers with design concepts and skills. Colour photographs

Book I

To Blend Modern Style with Chinese Style  P008—P129

P010 China Hall, Chengdu

 P028 Vanke • Qingshan Lake, Nanchang

 P038 Greenland AD 1860, Shanghai

 P048 Loncin Hong Fu, Chongqing 

P060 Shanghai Bay (Phase I), Shanghai  

P066 Verdant Hills Villa, Suzhou 

P084 Chuoching Villa, Suzhou

P094 Landsea International Block, Suzhou 

P102 Zonbon City Garden, Zhuhai 

P116 Citic Orchis Bay, Shenzhen

To Blend Wright Style with Chinese Style   P130—P161 

P132 Wonderland Mansion, Beijing 

P142 Baohua Liting Garden Villa, Shanghai 

P156 Villas of Poly East Bay, Hangzhou

To Blend Southeast Asian Style with Chinese Style   P162—P175 

P164 Hidden Valley, Hangzhou

To Blend Modern Style with Oriental Style P176—P189 

P178 Vanke Designers’ Designhouse, Shanghai 

P184 Villas of Vanke • The Paradiso, Fuzhou 

To Blend Modern Style with Concise Style  P190—P285 

P192 Longfor Moco Center, Chongqing 

P198 Apartment for Talent, Ningbo 

P206 Mangrove Bay Citic, Zhuhai 

P226 Top Town, Ningbo 

P236 Longgang Huabanli Garden, Shenzhen 

P244 Chengnan Yazhu, Shenzhen 

P248 The Third Phase of Raycom • Skyline, Wuhan 

P258 Vanke Hills, Zhuhai 

P264 High Rise Buildings of Vanke • The Paradiso, Fuzhou 

P268 Qianlong Mansoni Garden, Shenzhen 

P278 Qinghu Essence of Life, Shenzhen 

Book Ⅱ

To Blend Neoclassical Style with Art Deco Style  P008—P091 

P010 Green Mansion, Shanghai 

P024 Fashion Garden, Foshan 

P036 Legend Mansion, Shanghai

P052 Poly Whisper, Wuhan 

P060 Topleasure Mansion, Cixi 

P070 High-rise Buildings of Poly East Bay, Hangzhou 

P082 Vanke Park House, Hangzhou 

To Blend Shanghai Style with Classical Style P092—P143 

P094 Purple Bay (Phase I), Shanghai 

P104 Eontime Western Suburb Villa, Shanghai 

P112 Greenland No.1 Park, Shanghai 

P120 Oak Bay Phase Ⅱ, Shanghai 

P128 Xikang Road No.989 of Shanghai OTC Project, Shanghai 

P136 Greenland • Bund No One, Changzhou 

To Blend French Style with Classical Style P144—P247 

P146 Royal Springvilla, Beijing 

P152 Le Meilleur De La Villa, Shanghai

P166 Oak Bay, Nantong 

P176 Greenland Qipanshan, Shenyang

P184 Greenland Metropolis, Shanghai 

P192 Vanke Hongqiao Villa, Shanghai 

P202 Herong • Yosemitc Spring, Nantong 

P210 Sisley Mansion, Beijing 

P218 Vanke Grand Mansion, Qingyuan

P226 Oak Bay, Yangzhou 

To Blend Modern Style with Classical Style P242—P297 

P244 Vanke Golden Home, Hangzhou 

P252 Ourland, Zhengzhou 

P258 Landsea Green Residential Area, Shanghai 

P264 King Wai City Oasis, Tianjin 

P278 Vanke Moelleuse Heureuse, Wuxi 

P288 The First Phase of Vanke City, Nanchang 

To Blend British Style with Modern Style P298—335 

P300 Poly Purple Mountain, Nanjing 

P318 Windsor Castle, Xinxiang, Henan 

P326 Glorious Mansion, SUNAC, Tianjin 

To Blend Mediterranean Style with Modern Style P336—P373 

P338 Leisure Town, Guiyang 

P346 Regency Park, Shenzhen 

P360 Vanke Tianlu Valley, Dalian